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Benefits of a Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener
  • Provides a continuous supply of soft water for your entire house, automatically adjusting to changes in your home's water conditions
  • Reduces soap residue on hair and skin
  • Leaves clothes brighter and soft to the touch
  • Makes household cleaning easier and less expensive
  • Prevents hard water spots on glassware, dishes and utensils
  • Reduces soap scum and scaling on faucets, sinks and tubs
  • Reduces water heating bills
  • Increases the lifespan of water-using appliances
Limited-time offer. Dealer participation varies. See dealer for details. Contaminants may not be in your water. ©2021 Culligan International Company.
Say goodbye to dry hair and skin, spotted glassware and high water heating bills when you install a Culligan® Water Softener - get it now for six months same as cash!