Hard Water

Do you have hard water spots or mineral build up?

Stop hard water spots and scaling with Culligan.

Hard water results from high levels of calcium and magnesium in water. It’s a natural occurrence that affects over 85% of the water supply in North America. Hard water minerals stick to everything water touches, and do more than leave an unsightly residue - they can actually harm your home and cost you money! Locate hard water in Akron NY, Buffalo NY, and Williamsville NY and the surrounding areas using the map below. 

How hard is your water?

United States Hard Water Map

The map illustrates the approximate grains per gallon (GPG). Your water hardness may vary depending on the source. Contact your local Culligan Water Specialist if you'd like to get your water tested.

Common hard water problems include –

  • Spots on dishes, glassware and utensils
  • Mineral build-up on faucets, and in sinks and tubs
  • Excessive cleaning products and time needed for cleaning, due to mineral build-up
  • Higher electric and gas bills, due to mineral build-up on water heater heating coils
  • Shortened life spans for water using appliances due to mineral build-up on internal mechanisms
  • Increased soap and shampoo use, because hard water doesn’t produce a good lather
  • Stiff, worn clothes from leftover mineral and soap residue
  • Dry, flaky skin from leftover mineral and soap residue
  • Brittle, lifeless hair from leftover mineral and soap residue

Hard water can harm your home or business in a variety of ways, and Culligan has the right water treatment equipment for every situation.  Whether you need the innovative Culligan® High-Efficiency (HE) Water Softener to save up to 46% on salt, water and energy use or the affordable Culligan® Medallist Water Softener for everyday softening, your local Culligan Man™ has the perfect solution for you.

Contact your local Culligan Man™ and start enjoying soft water today. 


Here are some of Culligan's solutions to this water problem.
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I recently had a water softener installed in my house. Tom Herberger was my sales guy, and from the beginning, to end the process was seamless and easy. The company from the top down was professional, and all around great. Here is where I would give an extra star if I could! On November 25 th the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 6p I had an issue come up with the Unit that was installed. Hey, look problems occur in every aspect in life. What impressed me most about Culligan, as a company, is how they handled my issue; that late on the night before Thanksgiving. Both Tom and the Owner Charlie were involved immediately and fixed the issue that night. Look, if you want to do business with a company that's price and service is unbeatable, then look no further. I would absolutely put a water softener in every house in Western New York and would only do business with Culligan!
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